About Jeannine

Hi, I’m Jeannine. Thank you for taking the time to check out Manifest Wellness. I run my business with the help of my husband and two kids in Orlando, FL. Manifest Wellness has been growing and evolving since 2005. When my son was a baby I would sew eye pillows, stuff them with fresh herbs and flax seeds and sell them in a local flower shop. Being a new Mom can be lonely and making these little pillows made me happy and filled my time when my son was sleeping and my husband was working. My Daughter was born a few years later and I didn’t exactly have the time I had once had with just one baby. I now had an infant and a three-year-old that was beginning to show some signs of developmental delays. During those years, I put my business on hold to care for my family. Eventually, my son was diagnosed with Autism and it ignited a passion in me to learn everything I could about helping him naturally. We completely changed the foods we ate and the products we used. I started learning how to make our own body and wellness products using simple ingredients, essential oils and herbs. As my passion grew I spent time managing a Health Food Store where I learned about herbs and supplements and taking classes in my spare time first in Nutrition and eventually in Spirituality and Energy Healing. These classes changed my life! I realized that what goes on energetically within the body is incredibly important. Stuck or stagnant energy from things like emotions, guilt, old trauma can cause illness or disease just as food and other toxins could. I learned the importance of self-care and regular energy clearing. My kids are now teenagers and I’ve jumped back into my business creating products that help other families on their wellness journey. I also enjoy working with my clients doing energy healing. It’s my passion to help people live a more healthy, happy Holistic life.

My Training:

Certified Holistic Health Coach-Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Reiki Master/Teacher-Infinite Resonance Therapy

ThetaHealing Practitioner-Odyssey Institute of Healing Arts

Spiritual Life Coach Certification-Odyssey Institute of Healing Arts

Adept Initiation-A Center for Wellness and Light

About Our Produts

Since 2005 we have been passionate about making the best products possible using natural and organic ingredients including, herbs, healing gemstones, essential oils, and nutrient-rich butter and oils. All of our products are packaged in glass to maintain the quality of the products (no plastic leaching) and to make them eco-friendly/reusable. Our goal is to help people see that there can be alternative ways to soothe their aches and pains, heal and achieve mind, body, and spirit wellness with products that are good for your body and the earth.

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