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After Sun Spray

After Sun Spray


Our After Sun Spray is soothing and healing and feels amazing on hot, sun-exposed or burned skin. Store in the refrigerator or throw in your beach cooler to make this spray extra refreshing and cooling.


Simply spray on the skin as needed after a day in the sun. This spray is the perfect mix of Aloe Vera, Lavender and Peppermint.


Aloe is very soothing and adds a protective layer to hold in moisture. Aloe is also antioxidant and mineral-rich which aids in healing.


Lavender is excellent for burns. Not only does it calm the skin, it also acts as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.


Peppermint is very cooling and provides instant relief from sun-exposed skin. It ability to penetrate layers of skin to provide deep relief. 


Tea Tree Oil is protective and soothing due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties,  it can also speed up wound healing and may even help protect against skin cancer. 

Vitamin E Oil heals the damages caused by ultraviolet radiation therefore you get relief from pain. It can also provide protection to the skin from sun damage. 


Our after-sun spray comes in a 4 oz. bottle perfect for beach bags or purses.


Store in the refrigerator for extra cooling relief. 


All of our products come in glass containers/bottles. We work hard to use recyclable materials that are safer for your body and the earth.


This product is not meant to be used as a sun block/sunscreen. 


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not treat or cure disease.