Organic Elderberry Tincture

Organic Elderberry Tincture


*Due to higher than usual Elderberry Orders, all orders will be shipped within 2 Business Days of order via Priority Mail.


*Local Pick up orders will be filled and ready for pick between 12-24 hours of order. 


Elderberries are an excellent way to support your immune system and to help relieve seasonal threats. They are high in Vitamin C and Antioxidants.


  • Our tinctures are made with all organic ingredients

  • This tincture is made using organic grain alcohol. Alcohol is the best medium for extracting nutrient and beneficial properties from herbs.

  • Tinctures are cold processed with a 2:4 herb/alcohol ratio and allowed to steep for 6+ weeks

  • Bottled in a light-resistant amber glass bottle with a childproof dropper lid

  • Tinctures are fast acting and are easily absorbed into your system.

  • We put love and care into packaging and shipping our products using eco-friendly packaging/boxing/bottling


Suggested use: 1 dropperfull for adults and 1/2 dropperful for children in 1/2-1 oz of water 3-4 times a week for immune support. 1 dropperfull for adults and 1/2 dropperful for children every